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Work with us!

We are looking for motivated welders to join our team!

Available Positions:

Welder/Fabricator 1

Job Description

We are looking for a motivated welder to join our team as a Metal Fabricator (1) to build high-quality metal components for our clients. You will report directly to the owner/operator and construct and manufacture metal parts and products, taking particular care to produce clean welds.

You will use safety equipment, like goggles, gloves and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect yourself from flying debris and other workplace hazards, while on the job. 

You’ll follow blueprints, determine material measurements, and take responsibility for fabricating parts used in later assembly processes. You are responsible for the quality of your output, so you must be able to perform simple tests to ensure weld quality and tolerance.

Ultimately, a top-class metal fabricator expertly constructs high-quality products to exact specifications. 

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